Friday, July 16, 2010


Ini adalah teks untuk pidato ku demi mengikuti kompetisi Speech Contest.

Education in the context of efforts to reconstruct a civilization is one of the needs (service) required by the rights and obligations of every human being that must be borne by the state in order to form a society that has the understanding and ability to perform the functions of life in harmony with nature and be able to develop his life into better than any period to the next period.

In the midst of tangled yarn educational problems in Indonesia, the mapping re-deemed appropriate. Mapping can be packed for the next leader for the development of national education.

According Research and Development Board Ministry of National Education. Prof. Dr. HAR Tilaar opinion, there are eight issues that must be the concern of education. The eight problems were related to education policy, the development of Indonesian children, teachers, relevance of education, education quality, equity, education management and financing of education. This problem actually has been identified in different scales in the National Research Education (PNP) in 1969 when approximately 100 education experts from across Indonesia gathered at Cipayung. However, after more than 30 years have passed, not much changes. He gave an example regarding a child's development as one of the central point of the process of child education. Knowledge about child development Indonesia nil. Almost no research on the development of Indonesian children in psychology, anthropology, philosophy and pedagogy. Similarly associated with the policy. Society has a negative perception on education in Indonesia by byword "policy instead of changing ministers".

Many policy changes without prior evaluation. There used to be an active student learning system (CBSA), link and match, in the reform period appears half-baked concepts such as the emergence of competency-based curriculum, school-based management, lifeskill, school committees and boards of education are confusing...

Prof. Dr. Surakhmad Winarno as Education observers said, unravel the tangled threads of education needs to begin to understand the philosophy of education. Educational philosophy that later became the basis, so no problems with changes in leadership or policy.

While the government reconstruct about Indonesian education system, we as a collegean, must be able to always adapt quickly in each of any educational system provided by the government. We must always develop our own potential by learning and praying. Now the question, are you ready to compete in the present and future?

Such a speech from me. May be useful for all. Be eager to study science, because science can make perfection, and success will follow behind you.

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